HAWAII x Glitter


I am currently in Hawaii and just got done with a two day shoot for Glitter Magazine!  It was such a treat because Hawaii is my home town.  On day one, we went to Diamondhead, Kahala, Downtown, Ala Moana Nieman Marcus, and Waikiki Sheraton Hotel.  On day two, we went all the way to the North Shore.  Both days were sunny and hot.  Thank you, to the Hawaiian gods for watching over us and treating us with the best weather.  I will load some pics when I get back to Tokyo.  Many aloha’s to the lovely ladies from the set: Photographer Maruko-san, Stylist Matsuo-san, Editor Hirai-san, and Model Sonia!

グリッターとハワイに行きました!!ハワイは私の古里なので素晴らしい撮影でした。一日目はダイアモンドヘッド、カハラ、ダウンタウン、アラモアナのニーマンマーカス、ワイキキシェラトン、と色んなロケで撮影しました。二日目はノースショアまで行きました。すごくいい天気だったので、ハワイの神様に感謝です。写真は又東京に帰ったらアップします!フォトグラファーの MARUCO さん、スタイリストの松尾さん、エディターの平井さん、そしてモデルのソニア、最高のガールズメンバーでした!

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Work with Seiji Alexander

Some of my favorites from a photo shoot I did with Seiji Alexander, a fellow Hawaiian photographer!

Seiji Alexander さんと撮影しました! Seiji さんは私と同じくハワイ出身です。

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Golden Globes 2012 & Red Lips

Did I watch the Golden Globes this year or any other year?  Nope, I’m too ADD for that.  But I always watch the highlights on the news, internet, magazines, etc.  This year I had the pleasure of watching the Golden Globes 2012 through the highlights from some Japanese TV show.  In that short brief moment of my day I noticed, or should I say struck my attention, with bright eye-catching red lips on the red carpet.

RISAは今年のゴールデン・グローブスを見たでしょうか?見てないのです。というか、見た事は一回もありません。笑 ですが、毎年ハイライトをニュースか海外のゴシップ雑誌やインターネットで見ています。今年のハイライトで一番RISA的に注目したのは真っ赤っかのリップ!

Claire Danes

Claire Danes

Dianna Agron

Naya Rivera

Andrea Riseborough with Madonna

My favorite of the night: Angelina Jolie

Every one is doing it, so I say just go for it already.


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Here’s a video of CECIL McBEE’s S/S 2012 celebrating their 25th Anniversary!  Congratulations, CECIL McBEE!

セシル・マクビーの S/S 2012 25周年記念のプレスビデオのヘアメイクをさせていただきました♪

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GLITTER Lingerie Shoot

Happy January, ya’ll.  It’s been really cold lately here in Tokyo but thank God, it’s not snowing like my old hood is in Seattle.  Thought I’d post some photos from a lingerie shoot I did with GLITTER Magazine’s upcoming March issue.  I got to work with the original members from my first GLITTER shoot; Moroi-san (Photographer), Tsutui-san (Stylist), Hirai-san & Kobayashi-san (Editors), and Hiroshi-san (Location Bus)!  It was super fun just like the last time.  One big difference: last shoot was in the deathly heat of August summer, but this time we were in the freezing cold.  In August we shot Autumn clothes… this time, the model had to shoot lingerie in the freezing cold and pretend like it was in the middle of sunny spring.  The poor child!!  But I must admit, the model Valeriia, was a champ.  She owned the shoot with the best attitude.  Valeriia has an adorable heart-shaped birthmark on her collarbone just like Summer from 500 Days of Summer ♥


お疲れさまです・ショット!Otsukaresama desu shot!!

Look at our otsukaresama-desu shot, you can tell how freezing it was looking at our outfits, right?  Thank you again, every one from the crew for such a fun day!


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Cecil McBee

セシルマクビーのカタログの撮影をしました♪♪ このカタログはセシルマクビーの25周年記念としてカレンダーにもなるそうです!!後セシルのウェブサイトでは動画も流れます。是非2012年になったらチェックしてくださいね。ではでは2012年もどうぞよろしくお願いします!!

I got to work with Cecil McBee’s catalog for 2012.  Since 2012 marks their 25th anniversary, they are turning it into a calender!  They will also run a short video of their new collection on their website as well.  Please check it out, it will be launching in 2012 😉  Well well, ladies and gentlemen, have a happy new year!!!!!

Felt like I was in England... but this is in Narita!I want this kitchen.

You can see the rice fields outside

Photographer, Sugitaku san and Model Darina checkin' checkin' the monitor

Adorable Darina ♥

Model Darina was reading Lolita. Best book ever!! How rad is Darina?!

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14th Addiction & Catorce

I had the pleasure of working with the designers of 14th Addiction for SS 2012!  I got to work with them last year and this year, they also shot an ad campaign for Catorce, their women’s line.  Everything from their collection is exactly my taste, from their boots to their accessories.  I am in love.  I was checking out the photos on the monitor and the photos by Wada san from Tron management were pure perfection!  The model for the men’s collection is a super chill, tattooed Brazilian, Mr. Gui.  The model for the women’s collection is a super hot DJ from Jamaica, Tamra.  I had so much fun with everyone from the shoot.  Thank you very much for everything!! Please check out their website: http://www.14thaddiction.com/

14 Addiction & Catorce の SS 2012 のルックブックの撮影のヘアメイクをさせていただきました!これがまたすごくかっこいいコレクションなのです!!!もろもろ RISA テイストの物ばっかり。恋してしまいました。モニターでチェック中であった TRON Management の Wada さんの写真はパーフェクト!メンズのモデルくんはクールなタトゥー沢山の Gui くん。ウーマンズのモデルちゃんはジャマイカ出身の DJ もやっているめっちゃかっこいい Tamra ちゃん。スタッフの皆様、楽しい撮影に参加できて嬉しいです。出来上がりが楽しみです!ウェブサイトはコチラ→ http://www.14thaddiction.com/

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