GLITTER Lingerie Shoot

Happy January, ya’ll.  It’s been really cold lately here in Tokyo but thank God, it’s not snowing like my old hood is in Seattle.  Thought I’d post some photos from a lingerie shoot I did with GLITTER Magazine’s upcoming March issue.  I got to work with the original members from my first GLITTER shoot; Moroi-san (Photographer), Tsutui-san (Stylist), Hirai-san & Kobayashi-san (Editors), and Hiroshi-san (Location Bus)!  It was super fun just like the last time.  One big difference: last shoot was in the deathly heat of August summer, but this time we were in the freezing cold.  In August we shot Autumn clothes… this time, the model had to shoot lingerie in the freezing cold and pretend like it was in the middle of sunny spring.  The poor child!!  But I must admit, the model Valeriia, was a champ.  She owned the shoot with the best attitude.  Valeriia has an adorable heart-shaped birthmark on her collarbone just like Summer from 500 Days of Summer ♥


お疲れさまです・ショット!Otsukaresama desu shot!!

Look at our otsukaresama-desu shot, you can tell how freezing it was looking at our outfits, right?  Thank you again, every one from the crew for such a fun day!


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