14th Addiction & Catorce

I had the pleasure of working with the designers of 14th Addiction for SS 2012!  I got to work with them last year and this year, they also shot an ad campaign for Catorce, their women’s line.  Everything from their collection is exactly my taste, from their boots to their accessories.  I am in love.  I was checking out the photos on the monitor and the photos by Wada san from Tron management were pure perfection!  The model for the men’s collection is a super chill, tattooed Brazilian, Mr. Gui.  The model for the women’s collection is a super hot DJ from Jamaica, Tamra.  I had so much fun with everyone from the shoot.  Thank you very much for everything!! Please check out their website: http://www.14thaddiction.com/

14 Addiction & Catorce の SS 2012 のルックブックの撮影のヘアメイクをさせていただきました!これがまたすごくかっこいいコレクションなのです!!!もろもろ RISA テイストの物ばっかり。恋してしまいました。モニターでチェック中であった TRON Management の Wada さんの写真はパーフェクト!メンズのモデルくんはクールなタトゥー沢山の Gui くん。ウーマンズのモデルちゃんはジャマイカ出身の DJ もやっているめっちゃかっこいい Tamra ちゃん。スタッフの皆様、楽しい撮影に参加できて嬉しいです。出来上がりが楽しみです!ウェブサイトはコチラ→ http://www.14thaddiction.com/

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