I was in the sixth grade when it was the coolest thing to take notes with your multi-colored Jelly Roll Pens. Trying to color your hair green with Kool-Aid to look like Mr. & Mrs. Cobain but failing miserably. And how could we not forget the line of pastel nail polishes from Hard Candy? I remember seeing the ad in the back of Sassy magazine for these magical nail polishes in pastel blue, purple, green, yellow, pink, peach, and grey with matching plastic gem rings. This is when nail polish colors only came in reds and pinks. I begged my mom if I could call long distance and place an order with her credit card. She agreed to two polishes max so I made two very careful decisions: ”Sky” and ”Mint.”

Two weeks later, a package arrived at my door and it was NOT Sky or Mint, it was lame-o pink and same-o peach. I was pissed. Pre-pubescent braces sportin’ angry RISA called their Beverly Hills office to send me the correct goddamn colors I’ve been waiting ages for. Two weeks later, I was the coolest chick at school with pastel blue and green nails and a self-acclaimed Hard Candy junkie. I spent all my allowance on every new collection they came out with (and $12 a bottle ain’t cheap for a 12 year old!). Hard Candy went onto becoming one of the most successful independent cosmetic companies and five years later, I was working for them.

It’s been over ten years since the debut of Hard Candy and now we see almost every major cosmetic companies coming out with jellybean hued polishes from matte finishes to super bling glitter. Summer’s here, so we must showcase our pedicured toes with these beautiful colors available this season…

Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent just came out with a yellow for this summer.

O.P.I.’s limited collection from Pirates of the Carribean…

I had to get all of these. I love Skull and Crossbones on its own or Mermaid’s Tears with the Silver Crackle. Here’s what that looks like.

I just got my hands on this Anna Sui’s limited edition pedicure set. I’m a sucker for anything mermaid so my mom got it for me knowing I’d love it. I do. Thank you mama!

This is my new must get nail polish of the moment: Topshop’s Pool Party. I can get my hands on some classy Tiffany blues for 5 bucks? Must have.

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