Shoot in Tokyo with Hiromi Iguchi

I am horrible.  I suck.  I have not updated my blog in ages.  I always do this with journals and diaries.  I write for about five entires and I forget about any sort of its existence.  I guess a blog is like a virtual and public version of a diary.

So here I go with the usual apology letter…

Dear Public Virtual Diary,

I am sorry for neglecting you.  I haven’t got an excuse for my actions.  I will try to be better and write often.  Here’s an update of what’s happened in my life since our last session.

I went to Europe.  Got to work on a movie with famous actresses. Got to check out some cool stuff while I was there because it was coincidentally Paris Fashion Week.  I went to London IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show).  The devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on 3/11/11.  Many victims in the northern parts needed energy to heat up their evacuation facilities, thus many shoots and shows got cancelled, including Tokyo Fashion Week to save energy.  Went to Hawaii.  Got to work with Clarins.  Now back to Tokyo.  Tokyo is slowly getting back on its feet.  It will be summer soon.  People of Tokyo are preparing themselves of the heat by purchasing fans for their homes so we don’t waste energy by using AC.  We just busted out our fans from our closet today.  I love how cooperative everyone is in this country.





ヨーロッパに行って有名なフランス女優達と映画の仕事をした。ちょうどパリファッションウィークだったので、展示会など見に行った。ロンドンの International Makeup Artist Trade Show という所にも行った。3月11日の地震と津波があった。寒い中沢山の人達が家を無くし、ガソリンやエネルギーを少しでも送れるように色んなショーや撮影もキャンセルになった。ハワイに里帰りした。クラランスと働いた。日本に帰ってきた。日本はがんばってる。もうそろそろ蒸し暑い東京の夏が来る。皆節電にがんばるように扇風機を買い始めている。日本人はすばらしい人種だと思う。

Lihn Dan Pham's hair and makeup done for The Shape of Art to Come directed by Julien Levy in Paris

Julie Gayet on set for TSOATC, Paris

Virginie Ledoyen on set for TSOATC, Paris

Zara Prassinot for TSOATC

Touching up Viginie's makeup

Shooting on the steps to the Seine

The Shape of Art to Come crew

Toni and Guy hair show, helped with makeup

Toni and Guy hair show, helped with makeup

Awesome wig shop in Brixton, England

Wood monster mask at IMATS London

Creepy Bart Mask at IMATS London

SFX Makeup at IMATS London

Shoot in Tokyo with photographer Milana Bosnic

Behind the scenes during a shoot with Milana Bosnic

Behind the scenes during a shoot with Milana Bosnic


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2 Responses to Updated

  1. Sumi Ando says:

    Hey RISA
    I’m waiting your blog lo~~~ng time!!
    Welcome back on ur blog!! You should write many many times,because you are super funny girlだからね(笑)

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