Give your puppies a bath

Yesterday, I did an overhaul of giving my brushes a nice long bath.  I treat my brushes as though they are my precious pets.  I even have names for some of them like Stiffy, Shorty, Slanty, Fluffy, Old Faithful… but that’s besides the point.  Any makeup freaks will agree with me that makeup brushes are what makes your makeup application more flawless, long-lasting, well-blended, and professional.  Brushes might be expensive but they are really worth your investment because if you take good care of them, they will last you forever.  Old Faithful that I mentioned earlier, a dome brush by Chanel is a brush I took from my mother back in high school (don’t worry, she’s aware) and still remains my favorite.  To prevent your brushes from shedding, fly-aways, or god-forbid, balding, you must take cautious steps in taking good care of them.   In this entry, I will show you step by step instructions on how to care for your brushes.


Step 1: Separate your brush collections into:

A. Big fluffy Powder, Blush, Contour brushes

B. Eyeshadow and Brow brushes

C. Foundation, Concealer, Gel liner, Cream shadow, and Lip brushes

You do not have to do all this if you only have few brushes.  This is only for the few of us who have an extensive amount of brushes because you do this for a profession.


A. フェイスパウダー、チーク、シェーディングブラシなど

B. アイシャドー、眉ブラシなど

C. ファンデーション、コンシーラー、ジェルライナー、クリームシャドウブラ   シ、リップブラシなど


Step 2: Get two small cup with three pumps of baby shampoo diluted with lukewarm water 1/4 of the way.  In one cup, throw all of your A brushes and B brushes in another.  Be careful NOT to let the water level go above the metal part into the wooden handles.  This loosens the glue between the metal and the handle.  Let those sit in there for a while.

ステップ2: 二個コップを用意してその中に3パンプベビーシャンプーを入れて、1/4までコップにぬるま湯を入れましょう。その二つのコップにブラシAとブラシBを分けて付けておきます。*注意:水がブラシの柄とメタルの所までに行かないようにしましょう。水がそこに入るとのりが溶けてしまい、柄が取れてしまう時があります。

Step 3: For your C brushes, they are all probably very dirty from using wet and long wearing products with strong pigments that are going to need some heavy-duty cleaning.  With these puppies, I like to use a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  First, get a paper napkin and fold it into fours.  Pour a little bit of the EVOO onto the paper napkin and swipe your brush in light strokes until you don’t see any more color coming out.  The EVOO will dissolve the gunk out of your super dirty brushes and condition your brushes at the same time.  Put your brush on the edge of the sink with the bristles hanging.  Now, do the same with the rest of your brushes.

ステップ3:ブラシ A & B がつかっている間に、ブラシ C 達を洗います。この子達はジェルライナーやリップなどを付けるブラシなので、すごく汚れています。この子達にはディープクレンジングをオリーブオイルを使って洗ってあげましょう。まずキッチンペーパーを四つに折ってオリーブオイルをたらします。キッチンペーパにオリーブオイルが染み込んだら、ブラシの汚れをオイルで溶かすように優しく拭き取ります。残ったブラシも全部このように汚れを取りましょう。

Step 4: Now, create another cup with the three pumps of baby shampoo & water mixture and throw all the brushes cleansed with olive oil and let it soak.

ステップ4: 次に先ほどベビーシャンプーとぬるま湯で作った物をもう一つコップに作り、オイルで洗ったブラシを入れて付けておきます。

Step 5: Go back to Brushes A and grab a big brush. Move the bristles around the palm of your hand and create a lather.  Rinse under running water to get all of the soap out of the bristles.  *WARNING: Do not get any water past the metal part of the brush because if you get any water in that spot, it will loosen the glue and the wooden handle will fall off.  At this point, if your brush is still dirty, you can add another pump of baby shampoo directly onto the bristles and lather with water and rinse until the water runs clean.

ステップ5:ブラシ A の大きいブラシを一本取り、手の上でブラシの毛を優しく蛇口からぬるま湯を足しながら泡立てます。泡をしっかり全部洗い流します。もしまだ汚いと思えば、又ベビーシャンプーを足して洗いましょう。

Step 6: Once your brush is clean, squeeze out the excess water lightly so you don’t pull out the hairs.


Step 7: Lay the brush flat on a towel and let it dry.  Remember to NEVER dry your brushes upright because the water will loosen the glue and will cause your brushes to shed.


Step 8: Now do the same with the rest of the A brushes.

ステップ8:ブラシA の全部も同じように洗いましょう。

Step 9: As for Brushes B & C, since they aren’t as big, you can grab four to five at once and wash them as you did with the other brushes.

ステップ9:ブラシ B & C 達は大きくないので、4〜5本いっぺんに洗っても大丈夫です。

Let these puppies dry flat overnight and they should be nice and fluffy and ready to go.  Please never ever rush the process of drying your bristles by blow drying them or anything like that.  Brushes are made out of many different animal hairs and synthetic fibers so blow drying them can lead to damaged ends… Trust me, I’ve done it… haha.


I also wanted to mention that you should give your brushes a bath once every two weeks if you use them every day.  You can also give them a quick clean-up in between baths by swiping them over makeup remover cloths by Ponds or Neutrogena.  As for gel liner brushes or lip brushes, I clean them each time with an eye makeup remover on a tissue.

もし2週間の間にキレイにしたいなら RISA は100円ショップなどで買えるメイク落としシートで拭き取ります。ジェルライナーや赤い口紅が付いているリップブラシなどはオイルが入っているポイントメイク落としをティッシュやコットンに付けて拭き取りましょう。

By giving these puppies a nice long bath and giving them all the love and care, they will stay with you for a long time.  They will also prevent you from getting break outs and spreading germs like conjunctivitis (eeek!).


P.S. I will upload photos when I wash my brushes again.  Sorry!

P.S. 写真は又ブラシを洗う時に撮って載せます。すみません!

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