Halloween 2010!!!!

My favorite holiday of the year is Halloween… I love the cheesy horror flicks, the creepy mechanical sounds of halloween toys and decorations, plastic Jack-O-Lantern buckets filled with candies, pumpkin flavored puddings, dry-ice, and most of all, dressing up in anything your heart desires.  Some people like to dress like sexy devils and pretty princesses.  I, on the other hand take this wonderful holiday as an excuse to dress up as the creepiest or goriest or the most badass as I can.  In the past years, I’ve dressed up as a Teen Wolf (girl version), a Scary Siren (not to be mistaken as the beautiful mermaid), Children of the Corn/Slipnot style creepy Scarecrow, a post-op plastic surgery nip-tuck chick, “Sunakake-baba” (Sand-throwing Grandma) from a famous children’s ghost cartoon from Japan called “Ge-ge-ge no Kitarou,” and a creepy toy monkey to name a few.  After all these years of Halloween, one thing is certain; in order to create a great looking Halloween costume, you need a great stylist and a great hair & makeup artist.  Yup, sounds like what you need at a normal shoot, no?


This year, my crew of Halloween lovers and I got together and decided on Disney Villains.  I’ve written a post earlier on this blog about how I love Disney and I especially love their villains.  Not only are they mean, they’ve got more character and style than the main characters.  Plus dressing up as villains on halloween is more fitting than being something heroic and pretty to me.


On the day of, we started off with a lesson on hiding the boys’ bury eyebrows with stick glue.  Look at them concentrating.  HAHA!  I recommend using colored stick glue so you know when it is completely dried once it’s clear.  We used Pritt’s washable glue.  To apply the glue, you get a bunch on an end of a spatula (we used a slanted end of a makeup brush) and spread over your brows like butter so it’s completely smooth and covered.


Once the glue is  completely dried, conceal with an orangey pink concealer (we used a mixture of Bobbi Brown’s Correctors and Kryolan’s Dermacolor Mini Concealer Palette) to cancel out the color in your brows as well as your manly 5 o’clock shadow.  Then set it with a translucent powder (we used Laura Mercier’s Loose Powder in Translucent).  TADA!  No more eyebrows.  Hideous!


Before we go into foundation like you would normally do, since we are doing some cartoony, drag-ish, outrageous makeup, we go into the eyes.  This is the same step you should take if you’re doing really smokey eyes because your foundation will be ruined with all the fall outs from your shadows to your cheekbones.  First off, I draw on an outline of the eye shape my character has, for me, a triangle since I’m Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.  Don’t be scared to be bold on this step.  I mean, seriously, check out how ridiculous I look.


Next is where the fun begins… and you fill in your shape with different colors as though you are doing a coloring book.  This is where you can draw on your eye brows too.  Again, don’t be afraid to go bold!  Draw ’em high and raised!  The more evil, the better!  It helps when you have a picture or an inspiration of the character you are trying to portray.

次からだんだん楽しくなってくる… 塗り絵の様に色を足していく。ここで眉毛も書こう。ここでも大胆に!大胆なほど悪く見えるよ。キャラクターの写真や絵などをインスピレーションとして見本にすると助かるよ。

Fill in the rest of the face with green face makeup (I used MAC’s True Chartreuse Pigment with a very light foundation then the pigment alone as a setting powder), contour (I used Moss and Ivy eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown), and I filled in the outer part of my face with a cream colored stage makeup in black.  I also made my nose bigger! I then outdrew my lips way outside my normal lip line with a red liner, fill it in with red lipstick, then shaded in the outer corners with black for a more shapely lip (Black- Miyoshi’s Clown Makeup in Black, Red liner by Stila, Red- Miyoshi’s Clown Makeup in Red).  Add on some lashes, and voila! Makeup done. *The photo was taken before the actual Halloween day so the makeup is a little different.

My mother and Mayuko helped with my hair. 母とまゆちゃんがヘアはヘルプ!

次は顔を緑に塗って、シェーディングをする。緑はマックの True Chartreuse Pigment を一番明るいファンデーションにミックスして顔全体に塗った後にパウダーだけでセットする。シェーディングはボビーブラウンのオリーブ系のアイシャドーと黒に近い緑のアイシャドーでシャープなイメージにする。顔の周り(鼻も若干大きくした!)を三善のクラウンカラーの黒で塗って、リップも三善の赤でリップラインを大きく書いてから塗りつぶす。リップに立体感を与えるには黒を口のコーナーにミックスすると良い。付けまつ毛を付けて、ジャーン!メイク完成。*写真はハロウィン前日に撮ったものだから微妙にちがいます。

All done, ready to trick or treat. 出来た!

Check out some of the other characters….



Telling him not to laugh while I put on his lips


Evil Queen

Pre-Halloween. ハロウィン前の練習。


She did the makeup on her own after our lesson! Isn't she good?? まゆちゃんはハロウィンの日は自分でメイクやった!うまくない?

Madame Medusa

During makeup. メイク中。

My boy cousin, Yoshi! 従兄弟のよし!


Makoto as Hades! Hades はまこと!

Hades, Lord of the Underworld


Snow White's Witch

Ako as the witch! She has fake dentures on she made at her work! アーコ!入れ歯を仕事場で作ったんだって!

Captain Hook

Takuto as Captain Hook! He did his own makeup! タクト自分でメイクしたよ!

Dr. Facilier

Hiro's girlfriend painted his face!ひろくんの彼女がスカルを塗ったよ!

…. And I saved the best for last…


Cruella Deville

MY MOTHER!!!! 私の母!!!

She did her own eyes and lips!! I just did her brows and contouring. She's the best! 自分で目とリップをやって私は眉毛とチークだけ!最高でしょ?


What a great Halloween!  I hope everyone had a great Halloween too!  最高なハロウィンでした!皆も楽しんだかな?

Disney Villains have to eat too. ジョナサンで食べるディズニーの悪者達。

Maleficent @ Jonathan's

Wicked Queen is actually really thoughtful. こう見えても実はお妃様は優しい。

Stupid siblings. おバカな兄弟。

Just the boys and a random musubi dude. ボーイズだけプラス知らないおむすび君。


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