Hydrogel Masks?!

A very generous family friend from Korea sent me a box of something I’ve never seen before. I have used and seen lots of different sheet masks (hydrating cotton masks) but this is extraordinary. The mask is by a skincare research group called Genic from Korea which they use a patented material called “Temperature-sensitive Soluble Hydrogel.” This new material is a new-concept gel that reacts to your skin’s body temperature and dissolve into your skin. As your skin ages, the skin’s moisture is decreased as well as losing inner skin thus resulting in less collagen and elastin. That’s when your skin starts to thin and then loses its elasticity and theeen AAAH! Wrinkles!!! This mask supposedly dissolves into my skin and gives me a new layer of skin. I sure hope so. Sounds good to me.

とても優しい友達が韓国から素敵なプレゼントを送られました。私は色んなシートマスクを使ったりみてるんですが、これは初めて!このシートマスクは Genic という韓国のスキンケア研究所から出ているジェルタイプの素材で出来ているもの。パテントがついている素材で “Temperature-sensitive Soluble Hydrogel” というものです。この素材は肌の暖かさで溶けていく。人間は年を取っていくと肌のモイスチャーがなくなり、コラーゲンやイラスティンがなくなっていきます。そこで肌が薄くなっていき、弱り、シワができちゃうのです!!このマスクは肌に溶けて新しい肌のレイヤーを作ってくれるらしい。それは良い話じゃないかい?トライしてみるっきゃない!

Aside from the all mighty greatness of this hydrogel material, what I love about this mask is how it is separated into two sections. One for the top half of your face and the other for the mouth area. Oh yes, and sorry about my no makeup 90’s grunge Cobain flannel ghettoness. This is how I roll at home.


Can you tell the crazy gel-like consistency of this mask?


Ta-da!! AHAHAHA!!!!


After checking out their company website, I found out that you’re supposed to leave it on for 20 to 40 minutes (I couldn’t read the instructions on the back because it was all in Korean!). My skin feels AMAZING. It is getting cold and dry in Tokyo so to anyone who wants their skin nicely hydrated I highly recommend this state of the art mask a try.


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