Sorry I haven’t posted in a while… Lots have been going on. For starters, I went to Korea!! I went my my homegirl, Devin.  We’ve been wanting to go on a trip to another country and we were torn between Korea and Bali.  We settled on Korea because Bali and other tropical getaways are something we should save to spend with our honeys, right?  But Korea is for shopping, eating delicious kimchi and having garlic breath, and spending hours at spas.  Strictly enjoyable with your homegirls.


Let me just tell you, Korean women are obsessed with beauty.  And I stocked up on all the goods.  Collagen masks, caviar and gold anti-aging skincare, mugwort steam treatments, eating collagen boosting foods like pork, and more… all for so cheap!


Of course we went shopping like crazy at 24 hour shopping malls and ate great food… But on our last night there, we decided to take a trip to an all women’s spa called Spa Lei.  Here we paid an entry fee of 70000 won which is about $6.50 and each got different treatments… I had a facial, threaded my entire face (got rid of baby hairs), mugwort steam treatment, and a candle ear wax removal all for around $150!  Can’t complain, no?


I highly recommend a trip to Korea with your girlfriends… I think next time I’ll go with my other girlfriend, Mama!


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