GAS Jeans Event

Went to GAS Jeans 25th anniversary event this past Friday.  The theme was blue.  Everyone from my agency went, including Sumy, my manager, the bossman KAZZ, and models: Kelley and Megu.  I had nothing blue to wear other than shoes so I wore blue eye makeup.

金曜日にGAS Jeans の25周年パーティーに行ってきました。テーマはブルー。事務所の皆も行ったよ。マネージャーの Sumy, 社長のKAZZ、モデルのケリーとメグちゃんも。ブルーの洋服がなかったからブルーのメイクとヒールを履いてったよ。

Everything was blue!  Even their drinks and food!  I had to try all the blue things.  Hehe.


Wanna do a blue shoot now!!  Who’s in?


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