WARP Magazine Surf & Golf Shoot

Just did a shoot for WARP Magazine, a men’s fashion and culture magazine.  The shoot was a spread on golf and surf wear for girls and guys.  The shoot featured a famous Japanese actor named Shun Shioya and the super adorable Mily from Image Modeling agency.  I got to do the hair and makeup for Mily!  I’ve never met Mily until this shoot but I only heard great things about this girl from people.  Now I know why.  She is the sweetest thing ever.  And legs for daaaayz!

ついこの間メンズファッションとカルチャー雑誌の WARP Magazine と女性と男性用のゴルフ&サーフウェアの撮影を俳優の塩谷瞬さんとイマージュモデルのミリーちゃんとしました。 RISAはミリーちゃんのヘアメイク担当♥この撮影でミリーと会うのは初めてだったんだけど、ミリーの話は色んな人から聞いていて、皆良い事しか言わなかった。実際会ってみてミリーの優しさと可愛さを実感できました!で!ちょ〜長い脚!

Now, the makeup request was very natural and healthy.  Hydrated her skin well and did a small amount of foundation with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Bronze to highlight her features and used some on her eyes.  For the surf outfits, I did a natural sheer lip color and no gloss since the hairstyle was long and flow-y.  For the golf outfits, I did some braids for one with a beanie and another one with a high side ponytail.  To enhance her amazing long legs, I loaded some Bliss Naked Body Butter, really great moisturizer and I use this particular unscented one for shoots since different people have different tastes for smells.

メイクリクエストはナチュラルでヘルシー。まず肌をよーくスキンケアで保湿してからほんのちょっとだけファンデーションを塗ってからボビーブラウンのシマーブリックのブロンズでハイライトとシャドーにもつかった。サーフウェアのヘアスタイルはロングでふんわりと下ろしていたので、唇にへばりつかないように NO GLOSS!  ゴルフウェアは帽子にあわせるため三つ編みやポニーテール。ミリーのすごくきれいで長い脚を強調するために Bliss Naked Body Butter をたくさん塗ったよ。この “Naked” はにおいがまったくないからモデルさん達もにおいの好み関係無しに使えるから nice ♪♪

For personal use, I like their Vanilla +Bergamot.  For some reason it reminds me of campfires… weird, I know.  But I love it for some reason.  Their best seller is Lemon + Sage.  They also have a Body Buff in the Vanilla Bergamot line that uses actual vanilla beans so it feels like you are literally washing your body with custard pudding!  It’s amazing.

RISA は Vanilla + Bergamot と言うにおいが大好き。 なんかキャンプファイヤーのにおいを思い出す… 変だよね。ベストセラーは Lemon + Sage。そのにおいの Body Buff は本物のバニラビーンズが入っていて本当にカスタードで体を洗っているみたいで最高!

Look at these cute golf clubs/balls bracelet & necklace!  I thought golf wear was ugly but I guess not in super hip Japan.


They even had funky gloves and colorful golf balls!


These made me hungry!


It was so great working with everyone!  Thank you very much!


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2 Responses to WARP Magazine Surf & Golf Shoot

  1. your maneger Sumy says:

    Good job RISA!!
    I was glad to enjoy shooting with Mily and another staff.
    Let’s do more job then near furtue we will get job in Hawaii, your local town.
    By the way, I’m interesting this body cream,where do i get it? Because I’m crazy love body item !! uhihi Love you

    • RISA says:

      Yes yes, I’d love to do some shoots in Hawaii yeee! About the body cream, I believe you can’t get Bliss products in Japan yet… You could either purchase it online and pay for international shipping or if you’re really interested, my brother is going to LA so I could give him some money and get you some! Let me know which ones you wanna try 🙂

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