Oblisk Shoot

Did a men’s fashion brand, Obelisk’s fall collection shoot today!  The model was Douglas from Donna Modeling Agency.

メンズファションブランドのObeliskのフォールコレクションの撮影をしたよ!モデル君はDONNA Models の Douglas 君でした。

The hair & makeup was “fresh out of the shower” look.  When the Art Director said that was the image we’re going for, I thought, YES!  Super easy and Douglas seemed stoked also since it was SUPER HOT and the constant H2O mist was definitely helping him to cool down.


Genki, was the camera man, Genki means happy, outgoing, and vigor.  His name really fit his personality, since he was constantly laughing every time Douglas would do a funny face.

Genki さんが今日のフォトグラファーさんで本当に名前とぴったりの性格でした。ダグラスが毎回なんかおふざけをするたんび元気な笑い声が聞こえてきました。

Obelisk’s designers, super happy couple.  Loved them.  The husband does the men’s line and the wife does the women’s line.

Obelisk のデザイナーさん達。夫婦で超ハッピー!お似合いで超かわいかった。旦那さんがメンズのデザイナーで奥さんが女性ラインのデザイナー。

They designed the shoes and the leg warmers as well.  I fell in love with these.  They dye their fabric with coal.  Amazing.


Genki, the photographer had this really interesting program on the iPad where all the photos he took were transported live onto the device.  Here’s KAZZ, my boss checking out the cool new technology.!

フォトグラファーの Genki さんが iPad にライブで撮った写真を送れるすごく面白いプログラムを使っていた。社長の KAZZ が楽しくこの新しいテクノロジーで仕事中!

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