Test one two…

I had the honor of doing a beauty test shoot with some of my favorite people today. The super talented Joshua Lieberman was the camera man and the models were Kana Anan from Image, Kelley Hasegawa from ESENCIA, and Mika Ohki from Les Pros.  Also the super duper adorable Tanaka-chan came to assist me and my stylish and lovely manager Sumi came on set.

今日は RISA が大好きな人達とビューティーの作品撮りをしました。カメラマンはいつもお世話になっている Joshua Lieberman でモデルはイマージュの阿南佳那ちゃん、ESENCIAのケリー、でレプロの大木美佳ちゃん。他にも超スーパーかわいい田中ちゃんがアシスタントで助けにきてくれて、すごくスタイリッシュでラブリーなマネージャーの Sumi も来てくれました!

First off, Kana…


Really gorgeous and elegant ♥




Surprise!!  It’s a beauty shot so the bottom half is her own shorts!  HAHA!!


Alright, alright, back to business…


Can you believe it? This girl was just getting over a gnarly cold/fever. You could never tell by her lovely glow, right?  What a champ.



Next up…



Kelley is a model in my agency, ESENCIA.  Here’s Kelley with our favorite manager, Sumi!

ケリーも RISA と同じ事務所に入っているモデルなんです。これがうちら大好きなマネージャーの Sumi!

Ta-da! And this is her a little softer and as Sumi called it, “fairy” style.

パンパカパーン!でこっちはさっきよりちょっとソフトで Sumi が言うには「妖精」みたいだって。

OK, Kana has to go to an audition so, one quick group shot!!


The cutie on the left is Tanaka-chan!


Next up, Oki-chan!


This little one over here transforms like CRAZY!!  Off camera she’s super cute and soft spoken but once she’s in front of the camera, it’s ON.


That’s why I love working with her.  Look at them lips!  Daaang.  The makeup is matte on the eyes with caramel colored shadows.  Very autumn.  She looks great with that hat too.


Last cut!!


We’ve always talked about wanting to do a red lip on those lips… We finally did!!


…Phew, it was a SUPER DUPER hot and humid day but everyone came out and rocked out!!  Thank you so much and can’t wait for the edited version!


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